Idune ®

Idune ®


idune® is an efficient, well-tolerated medical device used to fill wrinkles and for hyaluronic acid injection mesotherapy, providing the best solution to patients’ requirements. Pre-filled idune® syringes contain hyaluronic acid produced by bacterial fermentation and providing the indispensable properties for preserving the skin’s texture, suppleness and moisture

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  • With its three dosages adapted to the different types and locations of wrinkles, idune® offers personalised treatment for immediately visible results. The effect obtained fades very progressively depending on the treatment administered and the skin type.

  • idune® is recommended for filling in wrinkles, for meso-lifts and to improve volume. idune® is available directly from the supplier and can
    only be administered by a doctor or surgeon. Disposable syringes must be used once only. Their contents are sterile and apyrogenic.


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